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  • Experimental open air kilns using recycle materials

  • Dedicated to Alberto Cavallini, il Caba. Over the past 10 years Alberto Cavallini and I have been lighting up piazza’s all over Italy with our Large, and peculiar crazy kilns, using alternative recycled material, built for home fun, or huge public performance. Our Chianti wine bottle kiln, a seemin[...]
  • My latest works

  • This collection of new work, are the fruits of many years of study and development on clay surface texture. Beginning in my studio in Dorset south England, I began to use particular powder clays, which would crack during the making process, and not the firing. Many years later, I have now found [...]
  • My TV interview about a bottle kiln

  • I was asked to build and fire a Bottle kiln for the opening event of a exhibition called "Change" at the Centro Ceramica Fornace Pagliero. Eleven artist potters and sculptures participated: Silvia Calcagno, Mariano Fuga, Gian Genta, Rita Miranda, Simone Negri, Brenno Pesci, Jasmine Pignatelli, Fran[...]
  • Wood Fired /Soda glazed Stoneware

  • Wood fired stoneware fired  in the 2nd chamber of a Japanese two chamber  climbing kiln then  soda sprayed to produce the sodium   glaze at 1300 deg centigrade ( cone 10 -11) Some of my early soda glazed work in Italy was gas fired in a single chamber   kiln I built for La meridiana ceramic schoo[...]
  • Glass Bottle Kilns

  • Chianti kilns by Alberto Cavallini and me As a rule, we potters have a great rapport with wine. A ritual here in The Chianti region of Italy that accompanies all of our firings.with the accomplishment of every 100 deg.c in the kiln, a toast is made, and as our experimental kilns, are predominantly [...]
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