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  • My latest works

  • This collection of new work, are the fruits of many years of study and development on clay surface texture. Beginning in my studio in Dorset south England, I began to use particular powder clays, which would crack during the making process, and not the firing. Many years later, I have now found [...]
  • Wood Fired /Soda glazed Stoneware

  • Wood fired stoneware fired  in the 2nd chamber of a Japanese two chamber  climbing kiln then  soda sprayed to produce the sodium   glaze at 1300 deg centigrade ( cone 10 -11) Some of my early soda glazed work in Italy was gas fired in a single chamber   kiln I built for La meridiana ceramic schoo[...]
  • Glass Bottle Kilns

  • Chianti kilns by Alberto Cavallini and me As a rule, we potters have a great rapport with wine. A ritual here in The Chianti region of Italy that accompanies all of our firings.with the accomplishment of every 100 deg.c in the kiln, a toast is made, and as our experimental kilns, are predominantly [...]