Art In Action

Art In Action

A return to the U.k this July showing my work at Art in action. This year Art in action in Waterperry Gardens near Oxford celebrate their 40th year of demonstrating Fine art and craftsmanship, at the highest level. For the first time, I have been invited as guest, to...
27th Austrian Pottery market.  Gmunden.

27th Austrian Pottery market. Gmunden.

Starting Friday 28th until sunday 30th.  I  can be found on  my stand 113. along the lake side. This year I have a special piece in an exhibition Keramik Europas.  13th Westerwaldpreis. vernssage Friday 28th 19.30 Galarie K-Hof Kammerhof ...
Corso Screpolare La Superficie

Corso Screpolare La Superficie

1-2-3 Maggio 2015 Presso Laboratorio Cautero Creazioni a Savorgnano del torre Il corso – Il corso si concentra sui pezzi lavorati al tornio. Pertanto è essenziale essere capaci di fare anche semplici cilindri al tornio. Il corso contemplerà i seguenti aspetti: taglio,...
A new exciting angle on my surface  texture pots

A new exciting angle on my surface texture pots

Two Winter  months locked in my studio, to find a new angle on the surface of my pots. After a complicated study  to find  a reaction of clay stain and various glaze ingredients, which emphasize the broken clay surface . I am pleased to show here the first results....

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